Make Pt0256
The Bug Labs Store is now open for open source hardware biz – Link.

  • amp

    $550 for the combo, yikes!

  • samurai1200

    $300 for the base was below my expectation, but still, AAUUUUGHHHH!!!!

    I might still buy one, even though I can’t program Java.

  • ted3d

    Why Java on a device like this? For every day apps, C is easier, and is the unofficial language of open source. Plus, there are plenty of code snippets online in C that I can use. There’s very little out there for Java. And what’s so wrong with BASIC?

  • neuromancer2701

    Yikes is right. I am a bit disappointed by the cost of these bad boys. I am glad that they are trying to push the open source business model but I would rather spend my money on other hardware.

    Make controller
    Gumstix is pretty good and has a lot of addon as well.

    I am an embedded C guy as well but I wish the best for them.