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This Russian built steampunk computer mod functions as a brewery for beers as well as a nifty case for a PC.

Personal Computer into Brewery – Link

  • TwoShort

    It’s not a brewery.

    At least:
    – it doesn’t look like it has the parts needed to brew beer.
    – it looks like it has exactly the parts for a standard water-cooling rig (awesomely steam-punkified)
    – even cross-culturally, that plastic can in the back of one of the pictures is clearly anti-freeze; good for making your water-cooler hoses glow and not grow stuff; not so good in beer

    I think someone made a joke about it being a brewery and the wink was lost in translation.

  • butz

    It’s polish, not russian. Original forum thread here (in polish!) http://www.mod-planet.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=42360 .

  • Sean Coates

    Not to mention that if it actually IS beer, it will be skunky:


    Light + Beer = Gross.


  • bug

    hey! It’s polish language, not russian, folks!

  • wd

    btw: Make blog had already posted this mod several weeks ago…

  • anon

    over the steampunk junk already