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Bold lentil writes in –

Penrose tiles are geometric shapes that are non-periodic or they lack translational symmetry. They are named after Roger Penrose, an English mathematical physicist, who explored the mathematical properties of these shapes. These tile shapes also make for some intriguing stamp action. With an eraser, an x-acto knife, a stamp pad, 2 push pins and a template you get the challenge of a sudoku and the simplicity of stamping

Make your own Penrose stamps – Link.

Carving stamps from erasers – Link.

Stamps In Progress – Link.

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HOW TO – Make Wine Cork Stamps – Link.

Make Pt0264
Craft – Volume 2 – Eraser-Carved Rubber Stamps (Quick Craft) (Page 21) – Link.

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  1. Roger Penrose, Jr., actually. His dad was also a mathematician but did different things.

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