I love these “Bottled stories” Michael writes –

Everybody needs a hobby and this is mine. I’ll write a short-short story, print it out, and place it in a bottle. This particular bottle once contained Knappogue Castle Irish whiskey, one of the great tipples of the world. It may even (I forget) be the bottle that I brought back from my first trip overseas in 1982, back when each bottle was individually numbered by hand.

After the story is placed in the bottle, I sign and date the glass with a diamond-tipped pen. Then I cork the bottle and Marianne covers the top with sealing wax. After writing a letter of provenance, I destroy every copy, physical or electronic, other than the one inside the bottle. It is now, in the original, unspoiled sense of the word, unique.

Flogging Babel: Bottled Stories – [via] Link.

  • Michaelk

    Not quite every copy, Mr. Swanwick.

    [Hefts Fubar hammer]

    There’s still the matter of the copy in your brain…


  • TD

    Wouldn’t it e even more one-of-a-kind if you wrote the stories by hand instead of printing them on a computer?b

  • The Oracle

    I hope you use acid free paper and archival grade inks.

  • Oh that sweet whiskey

    … that whiskey is fantastic! I’m going to go try and order some right now!