Jim created this step-by-step tutorial on how to create a hand-vise. Although he says it is great for holding bone & fishhooks, I am sure it would be great for plastics and electronics too. This is a really good addition to your toolbox, even if you are not a survivalist.

A small, easy-to-use handvice can be readily made out of a one-inch thick hardwood limb. Such a vice is very handy in stone and bone working. It can be wedged between two rocks or in a tree trunk to provide a very steady holder for small projects (arrowheads, fish hooks, etc.).

Make your own hand-vise – Link

  • Trillian

    I think what he made was a “vise”. “Vice” is illegal.

  • Graham

    Vice is the way we spell it in England, just as correct.

  • cameron

    You can buy ring clamps (what I know these as) from jewelry supply companies like Rio Grande and Otto Frei. They are about 5 bucks and a so so useful.

  • hexagon5un

    My grandfather (a jeweler and jewelery designer) used one of those all the time to rework/burnish small bits. They’re quite handy. “Survival” indeed!