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This month we continue the best of “Weekend Projects” with Bre Pettis. This particular episode was made to celebrate the One-Year Anniversary of Weekend Projects and features the flames to prove it! If you haven’t seen this podcast, its a doozy. Be sure not to burn your house down, and join Bre as he makes a JAM JAR JET!

This pulse jet works by igniting a flame, which pushes the gas out of the jar and then bit of a vacuum that it leaves sucks the air back in and the circle is repeated. Watch the video and download the pdf to learn how to make it!

  • Tim

    That’s really cool. How about making it out of a metal can of some kind instead of a glass jar?

  • The Thompson Five

    Sigh. I miss Bre. I wonder what he’s doing now?

  • Brandon

    I agree The Thompson Five, everytime I see one of these it makes me sad…

  • Z

    Yeah, they were awesome. What happened to them anyways?

  • IAmNotAnIdiot

    He’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but hey, he’ll be safe because he’s got his glasses and one glove! Idiot.

  • Jack

    This project is AWESOME! I made one for a chemistry project last year. My teacher let me dissolve some different salts in the methanol to change the color of the flame…try it if you have access.