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This may not be the coolest looking telephoto lens mod out there, but it just might get the job done. It only requires a bolt, some cardboard, a few twist ties, and binoculars. I am not sure this will hold up to moving around, but for that one telephoto shot you want to make, why not give it a try? – Link

DIY Telephoto lens – Link
Webcam Telescope from MAKE Volume 2, page 135 – Link

Marc de Vinck

I’m currently working full time as the Dexter F. Baker Professor of Practice in Creativity in the Masters of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship Program at Lehigh University. I’m also an avid product designer, kit maker, author, father, tinkerer, and member of the MAKE Technical Advisory board.



  1. Maker says:

    I tried this today worked great!

  2. John Watson says:

    Minox had an adapter for their push-pull spy style cameras that did this exact same thing. They work great. They even incorporated a shutter release holder.

  3. Beanolini says:

    aka ‘Digiscoping’:

    I’ve tried this in the past with reasonable (but not great) results.

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