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It’s hard to find a good place to store your bikes when you’re an apartment dweller. Here’s a nice looking bike rack made from a few cheap Ikea shelving parts.

All you need to get from ikea is one stolmen post, two brackets and four hooks. you’ll also need some screws and some aluminium 20x20mm square pipe, maybe some foam rubber.

I think I’ll give this a try in my garage to clear up some needed floor space.

Stolmen Bike Rack – Link

  • DF

    Be careful with racks like these. My last roommate moved from my place (plaster & lath construction) to a new apartment (drywall) and had a similar rack. While it worked OK in my house, he got the rack between two joists and punched through the drywall ceiling in his new place.

  • minimalniemand

    nice idea, but a lefty? yuck!

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