I really like this tiny foldable tripod, handy!- [via] Link.

  • Darrel VanHorne

    Uh, that tripod has four legs.


  • chad

    also the modo steady — its 3-in-1 shoulder support stabilizer ( like a steadycam )and table tripod
    list is around 185.00 — link to bh site for pics http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=search&A=search&Q=&ci=0&sb=ps&sq=desc&ac=&bsi=&bhs=t&shs=585&at=Brand_Bogen+%2F+Manfrotto&basicSubmit=Submit+Query

  • AsIf

    And for €20 this will replace a screw and flat washer (or maybe just setting a camera on its own base)?

  • Daniel Rutter

    Apparently you can tilt it forward and backward, but there are lots of little tiny tripods with more flexibility than this, plus things like beanbags with a tripod thread attached and so on. If this thing was able to support a DSLR then that’d be something, but like every other teeny tripod, it can’t.

    (Well, it probably can if it’s set up flat, but big deal – that just gives you a camera an inch higher than it’d otherwise be.)

    There’s really no decent super-tiny tripod alternative. Maybe the old eye-bolt with a cord attached that you can stand on and put in tension to help steady your camera, but that doesn’t work terribly well. Those strong spring clamps with a basic ball head attached work well, though – you can use them to easily attach your camera to a park bench, thin branch, car window frame or what have you, and there are screw C-clamp types that can hold quite heavy cameras, at the cost of being slower to use.

    Clamps are far more portable than any real tripod, but they’re too big for a pocket.

  • wichenroder


  • macegr

    The GorillaPod fixes most of the problems, though it’s not really pocket sized (but neither is a DSLR).

    Here’s an idea: a tripod consisting of thin flexible tubing wrapped around a cylinder of ShapeLock wrapped around a heating element. Press a button to soften, mold into desired shape, let cool to set in position. Maybe not practical, cool to think about.