For all you fashion lovers out there, Wenlan Chia has a new book out called Twinkle’s Weekend Knits: 20 Fast Designs for Fun Getaways. Her first book, Twinkle’s Big City Knits, was a big hit and one of my favorite knitting books of all time. In this second book, she uses again her signature chunky yarn to create some fun casual, yet stylish pieces you can wear on the weekends. The book is broken up into three parts: 1) Friday Night – Twinkle Through the Night with stylish pieces like the Nightfall Cropped Top featured on the cover, 2) Saturday Morning – Fun Alfresco, and 3) Sunday Afternoon – Last Night Away. Her designs are the perfect for layering as she happens to bring her fashion-edge to knit wear design.
And dear Craftzine peeps, Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU! Here’s your chance to get a FREE copy of Twinkle’s Weekend Knits! One lucky random Craftzine reader is going to get a copy of this fabulous new book. Just leave a comment in this post and tell us why you need this book! Please make sure you enter your full name in the comments and you can also add your email address if you are comfortable with it (spell it all out for anti-spam protection). All comments will be closed by 11am PST on Friday, Feb 15. The lucky winner will be announced tomorrow evening on the CRAFT blog.
Update 2/15:This giveaway is over. Thanks for everyone for entering!
Get inspired even more with Twinkle’s recent runway show at Fashion Week in NY. – Link.
CRAFT Interview with Wenlan Chia of Twinkle. – Link.

  • Angela H.

    Thank you so much for letting m enter. I am plus size but looking st some of these new designs gives me inspiration….I NEED this book!

  • Wendy Piersall

    I need this book because I NEED more work-life balance. It’s been hard to do my favorite hobbies while working so much. But this yummy book has already inspired me to get my knitting on this weekend. :)

  • Molly Yoo

    I’m an enthusiastic chunky yarn knitter and am hoping to start creating my own designs. This book would be a great reference for me. Thanks for noting my entry!

  • Leigh Amelia

    I need this book because I have more skeins of chunky, thrift-store yarn than I can count, yet virtually nothing to wear. Help me clothe myself while cleaning out my closet. Please.

  • Connie L.

    a haiku for you:
    may i please have it?
    no money, no valentine
    fast knits make me smile

  • Larah P

    I desperately need to learn new, innovative designs! I am so tired of being in a rut and this book would steer me in the right direction!

  • Shirsten Alm

    I need this book cause the Nightfall Cropped Top is beautiful :) and it’s Valentine’s Day!/p>

  • missy

    i have always wanted to knit a sweater – this book looks like a fab place to start!

  • Katie Rybak

    I would LOVE a copy of this book! katierybak(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Farrah
  • Marsha Brofka-Berends

    Oh, that book looks like LOADS of fun!

  • amy

    count me in!!!

  • mellowbeing

    I’ve been itching to learn how to make a cool and stylish sweater for so long. This would be a great source of inspiration :)

  • julie pfeifenroth

    I need this book because I just taught myself how to knit this year and so far I’ve been making presents for other people. I need to make something supercute from this book for ME!!
    juliepfeif AT gmail DOT com

  • Pam

    I need a copy of this book because with three kids fast knits are a must and this book sounds like it has some great stylish patterns. pamela(dot)thompson(at)gmail(dot)com

  • rebecca

    I need this book b/c I have been making a pair of socks that is taking 4ever on teenietiny needles… I want to knit something with big fat delicious yarn! Thanks!
    rebecca AT p1uon DOT com

  • Jennifer Refat (mellowbeing)

    Didn’t mean to repost – just forgot to add my full name and email. Eep.

  • Brandy Smith

    I need this book because I am on a spending diet and cannot buy it myself. I am also very busy, so chunky knits are good for my schedule!

  • Melanie Lavigueur

    This book looks fabulous! I will buy it if I don’t win it. I need it because I was looking for more stylish pieces of clothing to knit. I’m getting tired of knitting socks! Thanks!

  • Elizabeth Bienas

    I need this book because I loved the first book and Twinkle’s designs just rock!
    bienas.eliz (at)

  • Eva Krzeminski

    i love to knit for one! and two, i need new clothes and love to start knitting some. these are very stylish and i think they would motivate me to try knitting clothes opposed to accessories and toys :)

  • Isela

    I would like a copy of this book to view the new designs that Wenlan Chia has brought into the world of knitting. As well as for inspiration and a couple of quick knit patterns.
    purlingsprite AT gmail DOT com

  • Samantha Brady

    I need this book because…
    …I’m a popsicle! The installer for our cozy stove absconded and our house remains more akin to an igloo!
    …I’ve been knitting the same sweater since October. In sock yarn. — this could explain why I’m so cold.
    …let’s just say, I work for The Man; I can’t afford to pay full price!
    …I currently am forced to watch hour upon hour upon hour of Survivorman. While it may be useful to know fifteen different methods of starting a fire, I need something soft to squeeze when he “survives” on frogs/snakes/squirrel/etc. yet again…
    Crossing my (frozen) fingers!

  • allison

    I love Twinkle!!! I’m making a scarf with the chunky right now, it is so soft. I would like to win this book because I am poor.
    aland AT austin dotrrdot com

  • Tina Yeung

    This book is beautiful and I really really want it because my Twinkle Best Friend Cardigan could use a friend to talk to during the summer months when its put away in a dark lonely closet.
    tinymegalo AT gmail DOT com

  • LeahS

    Ooh, so cute! I need this book because I’m a super-slow knitter–so I’ll never finish a project unless it promises to be ultra-quick! And I’m finally almost finished with my first sweater, and I already know I’ll want to make more. Plus, I’ve sworn to spend less money on clothes…which means I need free DIY books! :)
    Thanks for the cool contest, I hope I win!

  • jax blunt

    I need this book because I’m really a crocheter trying desperately to break into knitting and fast knits with chunky yarns could make all the difference for me :)

  • Leah Spalding
  • samoofish

    The book would chase the winter blues away! I’m also suffering from holiday knitting burnout and need some inspiration.
    samoofish AT yahoo DOT com

  • Leslie Wells

    I need this book because today is my birthday and I’m at work, wishing I were home knitting instead. I’m a devoted weekend knitter and I could use the inspiration.
    abradelos at gmail dot com

  • Cynthia Han

    I need this book because I have a short attention span and need new fun, quick and fashionable knitting projects!

  • Maureen McClarnon

    Please let me twinkle, twinkle like a star!
    mclarenster at gmail

  • Cheryl Bruno

    Roses are Red
    Twinkle’s yarn is squishie
    Please give me this book
    And fufill my deepest wishies!!!

  • JennySlash
  • Emmakat

    I need this book cause I need to speed up my knitting, it takes me forever!
    emmakat AT gmail DOT com

  • Kristina Jones

    Ooohhh…Twinkle. I would love this book. Count me in!
    kmjones44 at gmail dot com

  • tcknit
  • Erin Merryweather

    Oh my gosh…Why do I need this book?
    Why DON’T I? Its fabulous! Twinkle’s fabulous!
    Her pattern’s are fabulous! And what a sweet Valentine’s it would be indeed!

  • Chppie

    I so enjoyed the first book and have made some fun things from it. It’s so different from what’s out there that just flipping through it is an inspiration to knit.
    Can’t wait to be inspired again.
    chppie at yahoo dot com.

  • Adelle

    Reason I need it: I cannot handle things that take more than a weekend!!! I lost interest, project sits there, never gets done. Poor project!
    adellel at gmail dot com

  • Meghan McFarlane

    I’ve been drooling over Twinkle’s knits for over a year now, but haven’t quite worked up the momentum to knit one yet. Perhaps owning the book would help that process along!
    megp47 at yahoo dot com

  • Llimona

    Why I need it??
    Because this book is WONDERFUL, and I’m from Spain, where all the knitting/crochet related books are made for and by grannies ,and not the cool and fashion ones with 70’s lok, NO!! are made by horrible kitsch ladies (I like kitsch things, but not that) and they only put patterns for afghans and this things to cover the sofa :S (If anyone don’t belive me, I’ll scan some of the books/magazines).
    And also because I love all the american craft things :).

  • Aimee McFarlane

    I need this book because I’m being haunted by horrible Christmas sweaters! WHY WONT THEY DIE!? :0
    amcfarlane at aimeeisdrawing dot com

  • Catherine Lund

    Hi, my name is Catherine Lund. Your blog has truly had an impact on my life, thanks for all the great free links to creative inspiration, for me especially within knitting. Twinkle’s style is a revolution in knitting, with modern, yet classic models, making knitting fun, useful, and therefore even more beautiful. I am a student, so there are many books I’d love, among which Twinkle’s books, but I’ve had to put these on a wish list! So I’d love to win!
    artcat82 AT YAHOO DOT COM

  • Kathleen Meehan Lorenzo

    I don’t need this book. Not at all. But fashion and quick knits? who wouldn’t want it?

  • Simone Berends

    This book seems lovely!!! That white jumper, o my! Thats just absolutely gorgeous. I would love that to be my first ever sweater I will knit.

  • Angie Ward

    I NEED this book because I would love to knit something for myself that wouldn’t take more than a weekend to complete! I knit for my kids, my husband, and everyone else but me. I NEED this book for me!
    multicrafty at gmail dot com
    Thank you!

  • Suzanne

    I really need this book, ’cause i fell in love with it at first sight….

  • Rini

    I need this book because I need some new ideas for the yarn I have!
    thank you!
    rinitravels at yahoo[dot]com

  • Michelle Robison

    I would love to have this book so I can take a break from gift knitting and make myself something fabulous!
    michelleraerobison at gmail dot com

  • Marie v.K.

    (I’ve never made anything but hats and scarfs, this book looks like it would help me take that first scary step to the next level!)
    I love you, really, I do. I’ll get tattooed on my arse!
    marie dot von dot kampen at gmail dot com

  • Stacey

    I need this book because I need to get my latest project over with and to do that I need inspiration for the next one.
    svbloomfield at gmail dot com

  • Amy Schock

    I desperately need this book because:
    1. I’m a poor college student
    2. I’ve recently lost 30lbs and appreciate the chunky knits much much more
    3. By receiving this book for free, I’ll be able to scrounge up my own money to buy the yarn necessary for the patterns!!

  • missy

    i forgot my name, too. missyk @

  • Lindsey Godfrey

    I NEED this book because I’m currently planning a wedding and don’t have as much time as I’d like to knit, so quick knits is just the thing to get my knitting mojo back!
    Lindsey (dot) godfrey (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Caris

    I need this book for inspiration and for something to knit for myself!

  • Patricia Eddy

    I need this book because my husband has recently signed up to play in an Xbox tournament and so I’ll be left with no TV and no Xbox to keep me busy. Hence, it will be time for me to FINALLY use up all of the yarn that’s sitting next to my sofa just waiting for me to knit again.
    patriciajane05 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Veronica

    I saw Amanda Soule’s chunky beret on SouleMama today and that’s what first made me realized that I need this book. Then as I was leaving for work today, I couldn’t find my hat, one made out of recycled silk saris. My head is cold! veronica.combs at gmail dot com

  • Mary Beth Klatt

    I would like this book too!

  • John Eddy

    Err, I need it because I forgot to get my wife a valentines day present. =)
    jaydeflix (a) gmail

  • Stephanie Salomone

    Oh yeah…count me in!
    sasalomone at gmail dot com

  • Stacey Rothrock Steinfeld

    Please pick me! I could use a little wardrobe pick me up and my knitting is in a slump :o(
    staceyrothrock at yahoo dot com

  • Tonya Froemel

    I need this book because quick knits are all I have time for with three daughters!
    nfroemel8715 at charter dot net

  • Janet Lee

    I love learning about designers who create for both the runway and for their DIY fans. Twinkle designs always caught my eye, but now that I know that Chia writes patterns too, I’ll be searching the shelves for her work and file her in my head under mary quant cool. at gmail dot com

  • Janet Lee

    I love learning about designers who create for both the runway and for their DIY fans. Twinkle designs always caught my eye, but now that I know that Chia writes patterns too, I’ll be searching the shelves for her work and file her in my head under mary quant cool. at gmail dot com

  • Janet Lee

    I love learning about designers who create for both the runway and for their DIY fans. Twinkle designs always caught my eye, but now that I know that Chia writes patterns too, I’ll be searching the shelves for her work and file her in my head under mary quant cool. at gmail dot com

  • devon

    I don’t need this book, I have a bunch of knitting books. But I LOVE this book and I WANT this book. I have been lusting after Twinkle designs for a long time, but I haven’t bought one because I figured it would be too hard to find super-bulky vegan yarn. If I win the book, that will be extra incentive to be creative with non-wool and experiment with different combinations to get gauge without sacrificing drape. Boring answer, I know, but true!
    vinylize (a) gmail

  • Gwendolyn Blazeichuk

    I loved the first Twinkle book… I can’t wait to see this new one!!
    gwens at rogers dot com

  • nihal guven (at gmail dot com)

    i need this book becasue i LOVE her designs and i want to work with big yarns.. yummy..

  • Gwendolyn Blazeichuk

    I loved the first twinkle book – and I cannot wait to see the new one! What a great Valentine’s present!!
    gwens at rogers dot com
    .. i don’t think my first post worked!

  • Kristi Smith

    I need this book because I would like to knit a sweater for myself since the beanie I was knitting for a certian someone apparently has the sweater curse…and it’s valentines day

  • Tracie Lampe
  • Bryn Harris

    My Big city knits book will be lonely without it’s sibling!
    Bryn Harris
    ilrodoowle at gmail dot com

  • Elizabeth Lee

    I would -love- this book because it’s nearly impossible to find a cute well-made sweater in Texas without spending a fortune! It’s also hard to find sweaters that don’t overwhelm my 5’2″ frame.
    bella -dot- elra -at- gmail -dot- com

  • dawn Lowe

    I just moved from a warm climate to a colder one and need this book to make myself a few sweaters before I die of frost bite.

  • Claudia R

    I need this book because I need some fabulous weekend outfits! and it would be cool to make them fit me and my strange body type!

  • Denise Shoup

    I need this book because I have some Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky Hand-Dyed in a gorgeous green color that is just waiting to be a chunky scarf or hat!

  • MsMibbs

    I would love to own this book, I’m getting really tired of making the same sweaters and scarves for my family & friends!!

  • orata

    I’d love that book because I have some size 19 needles and a sweater’s worth of superbulky yarn that need a pattern. I made a Shopping Tunic from the first book that didn’t work out and needs to be frogged…

  • Lorri

    I need some inspiration and I think this book is just the thing. Beautiful.

  • jennie

    oh wow. for a first year teacher, missing her knitting so much, only this book with its fast knits could lead to justifiable stolen moments with needles and yarn.
    pick me!
    jharned AT luc DOT edu

  • Anjuli Appapillai

    As a long-time devoted crocheter, I finally learned to knit two weeks ago! I am so excited, but I don’t know what to make! This book is exactly the inspiration I need! Also, as an engineering grad student surrounded by nerdy boys, a injection of fashion would be welcome in my labcoat life.
    anjulia at gmail dot com

  • Tracy

    I gotta have this book cuz I gotta have the chunk! Love love love chunky knits!!!

  • Lisa

    I knit for my daughter — so BOTH of us need this book. Chia’s patterns are exactly the sort of style my girl loves and which I’m happy to make for her. We would be in Mother/Daughter heaven to have this book! ldouglisatyahoodotcom

  • Heather Wilson

    I SO need this book! I am new to knitting but I love love it and a book with amazing patterns utilizing chunky yarns would help me learn new techniques without the frustration of going slowly. Please please please!

  • Kelly Darke

    I love all the Twinkle designs – they are gorgeous! I want the Big City Knits, but haven’t been able to get yet – this book looks equally awesome and having two little kids around it’s difficult to find time to knit, so having some quick and beautiful patterns to whip up would be ideal…..
    kelly at kellydarke dot com

  • Sara Pattison

    I need this book because I’m a math teacher and I’m working on integrating knitting into one of my lesson plans. And these patterns look really awesome. And you can’t ask a high school student to knit something uncool. So, please, for the sake of making math NOT boring, send the book to me.
    Sara Pattison

  • helena bristow

    oh, pick me! pick me!
    cleverknits [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Kelly

    I need this book because I have been a lifelong crafter yet have stayed away from knitting because I find it hard to find fashionable knit patterns. This author and book series has entirely changed my mind! I would love to get into an entirely different genre of crafting!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you at Craft.
    kmccormi [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Shelly McCabe

    I need this book because I haven’t had a new knitting book in over a year. Now that my little guy is getting bigger, I’d like to get back into the swing of things with knitting.

  • Kelly McCormick

    I need this book because I have been a lifelong crafter yet have stayed away from knitting because I find it hard to find fashionable knit patterns. This author and book series has entirely changed my mind! I would love to get into an entirely different genre of crafting!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you at Craft.
    kmccormi [at] gmail [dot] com
    (reposted because I forgot to enter my full name – apologies for the inconvenience!)

  • lulubird6

    I totally need this book because I’m almost finished busting my stash AND I am dying to buy more yarn AND I love her first book AND well, I want it, dangit!
    lynda cadiente
    lulubird 6 [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Erica Hoffman

    Living in the boonies, one requires modern weekend outfits to stand out from the crowd!
    : D
    eseabea (at) gmail (dot) com

  • amy jenkins

    I need this book cuz I will totally make the stuff in it! I need some new clothes and don’t really know where to look for cool stuff-so I will make it!
    amy at

  • Lou Haney

    I need this book because I love both fashion and knitting. I have been thinking about Twinkle lately…. Please!

  • Belinda Huang

    Count me in!
    I need this book because I’m a poor college student who can’t afford to often splurge money on yarn… so when I do, it’s only for making fashionable items! And how do you get more fashionable than those gorgeous knitted samples from Twinkle’s book?

  • chris k

    i would love a copy of this book as i’m desparately trying to use up my huge yarn stash!

  • Amanda Burch

    I can’t knit worth a darn, but I try really, I try, and I can’t believe you are actually giving this new book out for just the asking. I have no style, it’s what I thought was right, even thought I see others who “throw and knit continental” I plug away at the directions, and still have to rip out all the way to the beginning. But it’s fun and I can say that it is relaxing, I save patterns, but for the most part all I ever completed is the sleeveless chunky sweater from the Vogue holiday issue and it does look good. Thanks for the opportunity. Amanda
    [email protected]

  • chris k

    i would love a copy of this book as i’m desparately trying to use up my huge yarn stash!

  • lw

    The book looks like a winner. I need some design inspiration — and chunky yarns are hot!

  • Martin Perez
  • Carol L.

    I was going to beg for myself, but Connie L.’ haiku was so good, I’ll beg for her! Give her the book – she’s creative and smart and funny!

  • Emma

    I’m learning to knit and I’m finding it so hard to find patterns for things that are similar to things that I would buy. This book would be a BIG help!

  • Rachel Fieschko

    Oh chunky knit book how I y(e)arn for thee,
    and Twinkle just makes my heart, Squeee!
    Poor as I am a chance arises,
    To hold a book,which holds great knitty sur-prises!
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Even if I don’t win
    I still love you!
    Happy Valentines/Singles-awareness/Hallmark day everyone!

  • Emma Niesl

    that previous post is from me! Emma M. Niesl.

  • Libby

    Sometimes you just need to be able to knit something up quickly to satisfy that need to be creative urge. I would love to have this book.

  • susan vaughan

    Some of us need a little “twinkle” in our lives!
    fabricnerd yahoo com

  • Dora Lee

    I just got back into knitting and I forgot how much I love it
    doraylee at gmail dot com

  • Kris

    I would love to have this book. Something quick to knit would be great!
    cowgirlupkw at hotmail dot com

  • Lauren Stratton

    I need it because I am a poor college student! ahhh! ha ha

  • Carol

    Because it’s a fact that I am fashionably unconscious. I also happen to be drowning in yarn. And third, I fear the bulky yarn – patterns would help. knitist at pobox dot com

  • holly

    I need this book because I am a mummy and all I ever knit is little people clothes… I need some patterns and inspiration! Thanks,
    hollygourley at yahoo dot co dot uk

  • jen street

    i need this book cause i am learning knit & i could use some super cute clothes. being disabled means having so little money…so no books in a long long time.

  • bee bee

    i’m in desperate need of new fashions, and the need to create. so i’d love to get my hands on this lovely book. =)

  • sandy o’dea

    what a fun book. and i’d have lots of fun making these cute outfits!!

  • Zed

    I need this book because I’ve never heard of Wenlan Chia before…but I want to!

  • Patti F

    Oh, pick me please, pick me – would love to win this!
    dantedreams (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks for the chance!

  • sara

    I love knitting, and just found out I’m pregnant… something that’s not a baby blanket would be fun right now. I can see how these would work for maternity styles!

  • Anna Socrates

    My boring wardrobe could use some weekend pizzazz and I am recuperating from a broken leg, so I have lots of time to knit these days.

  • insubordikni

    I spin art yarn and bulky yarns and this book would put them to great use!
    jacey at insubordiknit dot com

  • Sara Gonzalez

    This looks like a fantastic book and I somehow missed out on her earlier one. I’d love to have a copy!

  • Nina

    I need some quick knits to get me through the mid-term teaching slump and in anticipation of all the marking to come.
    ninzsutherland (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • Gwen

    The book would be great, but only just as long as I didn’t have to cut down my meals to a half a pea and a glass of water to look like the models and fit in the things I make from it :P

  • Ellen Margulies

    Hi dear Natalie,
    Thanks for offering this amazing book.
    I moved from L.A. to upstate NY and am in the middle of a long, grey, sunless, frigid winter. Knitting is my oasis.
    I sure could use some Twinkle in my life!

  • Kimberly

    Ooh, ooh! Send it this-a-way, please! :-)
    kimberlypye at gmail dot com

  • missy

    Ooh! I love Wenlan’s designs!
    nione (at) mac dot com

  • Jeannie Bylinowski

    I was going to ask for this for myself because I want to make a sweater, but I cannot think of making a boxy, gramma sweater without wanting to stab my eye out with a knitting needle. HOWEVER, Martin Perez on February 14, 2008 at 6:31 PM, is pleading on behalf of his wife and I think that’s not only amazing but should be rewarded. PLEASE PICK MARTIN! He can be a hero to his wife and she gets a fantastic book!! Go, Team Martin!!
    pretywtch at yahoo dot com.

  • Eve Forrester

    I need this book because I have all this chunky yarn lying around and nothing to do with it! I also need it from you guys because I’m super stingy.
    My email is evester [{at sign}] gmail with a com at the end.

  • kristin g

    this book looks wonderful!
    Kristin G
    honeyflake (dot) typepad (dot) com

  • Laura Garcia

    Hi, i´m from spain, i read the blog everyday, excuses for my english , isn`t my mother language :)
    I love this designs and i love it to have it, in spain i can´t find any books of this type and really like it.
    maybe i need a bit of luck :)
    greeting the blog is great :9
    my email is ladyvampireuy(at)gmail(dot) com

  • Vyrien Rei

    This looks like an amazing book. I would like to have this because I have been stuck home for the last several months with illness and my self-taught crafting skills are basically all I have for feeling some sort of accomplishment. The weekend knits are ideal for picking up from my beginning skills set. And free would be perfect all things considering with my situation (but then, who wouldn’t want this gem -much less for free?).
    vyrien at hotmail dot com

  • Brooke

    OOoooooh! I would love this book! I love knitting for my kids but mama would like something sweet to wear too!

  • Amanda

    I NEED this book because I am short on cash and making my clothes seems to be something I could do with all my yarn! Plus, I adore handmade, so how can I resist entering???
    amandageidl at yahoo dot com

  • nikkapotamus

    I just love giveaways! thank you for having one for what looks like an awesome book. I have been knitting for long enough that I think I am totally ready to branch out from the baby hats and socks that I am so accustomed.
    Thanks for keeping up the great craftiness!

  • Kate

    I was actually going to go check this book out on my lunch today – but winning it would be SO MUCH BETTER!

  • Malinda Lloyd

    Love those sweaters! I’m no good at thinking up knitting patterns, so must rely on the kindness of others. animegirlieatgmaildotcom

  • Elizabeth Laposata
  • Joni

    I’ve spent my whole month’s paychecks on beauuutiful Twinkle yarn and I really, really need this book!
    savage dot joni at gmail dot com

  • Abril Molina

    Is it too late? I would love to have this book. I usually don’t knit with chunky yarns and I think this book would be a great way to get me started.
    abrilmolina at yahoo dot com

  • Lorena Brown

    I just finished knitting my fifth baby blanket and I need to try something new, something for me. I need this book to be able to create something for myself in a time frame I can handle (I’m in grad school).

  • Andi (MysticSpiral)

    I need this book because, as a spinner and avid recycler of yarn from thrift shop sweaters, I’m yarn rich but cash poor. Help me find things to do with some of these amazing yarns that are taking over my life.

  • Billee mutton

    Twinkle is my favourite knitwear designer. I am totally inspired by her fantastic ideas

  • thata

    I really like her design. It’s difficult to find a great book in my country. She’s inspire me alot.

  • Miranda

    Ack! I hope I’m not too late! I need this book because I’m helplessly addicted to Twinkle’s knitting patterns and lurve her first book. and chucky knits are QWIK!
    bleucowgirl AT hotmail DOT com

  • Natalie

    This contest is over!

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