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This week on the best of Weekend Projects with Bre Pettis, we join him in arms and learn how to make a trebuchet. With a trebuchet, you can smash your enemy’s castle or at least fling the heads of enemy spies into their courtyard. In the old days, the most important metric of a trebuchet is that it can fire farther than your enemy’s archers can shoot their arrows!

Trebuchet Big

In this podcast you’ll see how to build a paperclip trebuchet and a medium sized trebuchet. The paperclip trebuchet can be made in under an hour and it teaches you a lot about how they work.

The medium sized trebuchet took a little longer to cut, drill, and screw together, but it’s not hard.

Download the pdf for more instructions to make your own seige weapon!

  • Aud1073cH

    For more trebuchet construction ideas, check out more photos of what MAKERS have submitted to the MAKE Photo pool.

    My treb is the one made with tongue depressor size craft sticks. It’ll throw a mouse ball 35 feet with 4.5lb of counterweight in its basket.

  • paolo

    boohoohoo, what happenned to bré ? He’s such an awsome chap !

  • Cory

    Trebuchet was the coolest thing I ever made with my dad. Ours was six feet tall, used a coffee can full of rocks, and flung a grapefruit the full length of the high school football field. Not sure if that’s further than an archer could shoot but I bet it’s further than an archer could project a grapefruit.

  • TD

    It seems that it wouldn’t be too hard to convert a swing-set in a park into a trebuchet… Hmmmm.

  • Mel Davis

    Check out the Trebuchet kit

  • Mel Davis

    Ooops, forgot to say, they also have a Catapult and a Ballista

  • Concerned

    3 months of reruns…

    Is Bre OK? Anything new coming soon?

  • John Christensen

    I love the trebuchet! I started looking to build this when I decided that is wasn’t big enough. I haven’ finished it, yet, but I’m planning on building a full scale trebuchet. My goal it to launch a pumpkin the length of a football field. Thanks for getting me started!