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Quentin Lengelé put together a cool demo for a Flash application that uses the Papervision 3D library to pan around a 360 degree video while it’s playing:

The idea was to apply the BitmapData of that movie on a GeoSphere.

The GeoSphere is made in 3DSMAX with flipped faces and exported in ASE Format.
The ASE Format is readable by Papervision3D.

Then you just need to draw your bitmapData into a texture you apply to the ASE in ActionScript.

I’d be really interested in seeing a DIY version of the 360 degree camera hardware. Has anyone taken something like this on?

360 Degree Video with PaperVision 3D – [via] Link



  1. Jim says:

    Many different companies have/are researching technologies to create 360 deg video. Here are some links.
    looks like last updated in 2003.
    Bill Meikle created and documented creating a hexcam back in 2004.
    Currently he has a LadyBug2 and is 360video recording his world vacation.

  2. ryubin says:

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