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@The NYC Toy fair 2008 I met with the ÃœBERSTIX folks, they make toys/kits that you need to recycle other things to build. Straws, ice cream sticks, paper clips, water bottles, egg cartons and more. Pictured here is a ship you build and use tossed cups/bottles to make it float, along with other trashed items to build the sail and more. It’s called the Scavenger, nice.

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They also make ÃœBERARC” – it’s for budding architects, students and engineers – you can construct giant “emerald city” looking structures, unlike other building systems you get real blueprints in a tube.

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Phillip Torrone

Phillip Torrone

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  1. Great article you have there!

  2. unfortunately, what ends up happening with me is that i steal new straws from mcdonalds, buy popsicle sticks from the craft store, and even pour the water out of a bottle. maybe that last one is a little far, but chances are few will save up trash until they have enough to build the project.

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