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@The NYC Toy fair 2008 I found a fantastic line of “Timberkits” these are wood automatons you build yourself: Dragons, pigs, drummers, piano players – you can also build a motor if you don’t want to use the crank. I think these were one of my favorite things from the entire event.

Here’s a video of “kissing couple”.


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Phillip Torrone

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  1. Dug North says:

    These kits are the best way to get started with wood automata. These kits are also available online at:


    Dug North

  2. Dug North says:

    Oh…and in the UK, these kits are available from Cabaret Mechanical Theatre:


    Dug North

  3. Alessandro says:

    Great things come out wood.
    Too bad too many times they are wrapped in plastic.

  4. Mel Davis says:

    The entire range of 21 models is availabel in kit form or pre-assembled if you are short of time at
    They also offer free laser engraving on all models regardless of whether you buy a kit or pre-assembled. The Kissing Couple is a great idea as a unique wedding favor for table decoration.
    Check them out.

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