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From the MAKE Flickr pool

Member Tinkerlog made this slimmed-down version of the TV-B-Gone device. This design would definitely make subtle usage much easier. -Link

TV-B-Gone Clones on Tinkerlog -Link

TV-B-Gone gun
TV-B-Gone Gun -Link

From The Maker Store:
TV-B-Gone Kit
TV-B-Gone Kit -Link

Collin Cunningham

Born, drew a lot, made video, made music on 4-track, then computer, more songwriting, met future wife, went to art school for video major, made websites, toured in a band, worked as web media tech, discovered electronics, taught myself electronics, blogged about DIY electronics, made web videos about electronics and made music for them … and I still do!



  1. Ryan says:

    Now someone needs to put it into a pen or over-sized sharpie. Less range, but increased stealth.

  2. BdgBill says:

    I’ll ask again….Why is the TV-B-Gone device cool?

    The only use for this device is to facilitate being an a-hole.

  3. pt says:

    @BdgBill – it’s up to each person to use a device responsibly – many people buy these to learn about IR, soldering, etc. i also know an arcade owner that uses these to turn off tvs all over his place at once (instead of using multiple remotes).

  4. Nice says:

    You’re new here, aren’t you? That’s exactly why they think it’s cool.

  5. mark says:

    It’s cool exactly because of the opposite of what Bill said.
    It doesn’t facilitate being an ass, but neutralising the affects of aholes who think its awesome to fill the world – particularly social spaces or others that would benefit from less ambient noise (like trains) with noisy, flickering and distracting televisions that no-one really wants to watch, only being there to chow up power and make conversation and concentration more difficult.

    So if they’re bothering you, and no-one else seems to be watching them either (the case with most of the TVs on my local commuter train), you can turn them off easily without causing a fuss trying to get up close and personal to them (unfortunately i found that the sound systems on the train are wired in seperately, so the noise continued).

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