This ROV is controlled by a Basic Stamp2 and is fully controlled via StampPlot. This allows for a GUI interface and feedback from the sensors while you are exploring the vast depths of the local lakes.

Initially I had hoped to have an un-tethered ROV. I tried to transmit data using Bluetooth from a laptop to the ROV underwater but as soon as it went under the surface all communication stopped. I also tried data communication using two radio transceivers operating at 438Mhz but got the same result.

Build your own ROV – Link

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Making an PVC ROV Sub – Link.

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DIY Underwater ROV Project – Link.

  • zdeubeu

    You can’t use HF signals in water unless they are very low in frequency. Submarines use signals in the 15kHz range. Hard to do.

    Otherwise, you can use sound: ultrasound transducers should work well.

    73 !

  • Richard

    Nice project! I really liked the videos. I also like the way you used StampPlot for the surface side interface. I will have to try something similar with mine.

    One question — what did you use for speed control on the thrusters?

  • haagmm

    zdeubeu true, i saw a presentation on low cost Acoustic Modem technology based on DIY work with fish finders. is the paper.

  • Hackius

    How’d you waterproof the motors?

  • Craig

    The one model has submersable sump pumps that are waterproof, the other looks like the motors are geting full contact with water, which is so-so iffy workable in fresh water, useless in salt water. I am working on one that has long motorshaft motors in a PVC housing that goes through a few snug & teflon lubricated o-rings. The other end of the PVC housings has a watertight large o-ring threadded cap. Rubber compression fittings for insulated wire allow control cable inside watertight.
    Even expensive learning center aquarium ROVs have no speed controllers, just full thrust fwd/rev. You learn to feather the controls with a good pilot’s touch. It’s nice that you can find 12V color & sound cameras for under $100 lately, JUST over $100 with a 5″ monitor.

  • Lasrin

    Cool project! I’ve been working on something similar, though I’ve run into a wall. Can you provide any information about the GUI control? I plan on using the Arduino (multiple actually) to control my submarine, but need a little help with the GUI.

    • Stuart

      Hi Lasrin,
      have a look at my website, for help / ideas on GUI and other info on the ROV at the top of this page.


  • Juliette