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Here’s a Macbook air I laser etched the other night, a couple people asked me if it was possible and the answer is yes… the settings are the same (100 power / 100 speed, depending on your laser) and you’ll need a few 1/4″ “jacks” underneath the front of the Macbook air to make it level – that’s pretty much it.

  • nickjohnson

    Of course it can be laser etched, just like all the other laptops that have been laser etched.

    Really, this post isn’t about hacks, but about “ooh look I got a macbook air”

  • pt

    @nickjohnson – no, this isn’t my macbook air (i don’t have one). materials *do* change and this laptop as at an angle and needs a specific height adjustment.

    someone will find it useful who has a laser cutter, in fact a maker already emailed me.

  • here is my MacPiece…
  • tjb

    Is it just me, or is this Steven Tze’s artwork from freeverse.com?

  • pt

    sure is.

  • benjis

    where can I get a laser set up to do stuff like this?

  • benjis

    where can I get a laser set up to do stuff like this?

  • Gabe

    Does anyone have a template for masking out the air for engraving? Or know where to get one?

  • Lumen

    question, what settings did you use
    Laser watt:

    Would you be able to recomend goood settings for a 50w laser?