This looks like a really interesting, and fairly easy, project to build. The problem was, I wasn’t really sure what you could actually detect once you finished it. Luckily, the web site has a link to a PDF that has experiments you can perform with your new radio telescope.

This system is NOT a radio astronomy system to be used for serious sky surveys,
but it is a tremendous starter unit to give you the excitement of detecting the Sun,
your own body radiation or just 300 deg. K tree branches.

DIY radio telescope – Link
What to do next? – PDF Link

  • Chad

    Oh wow, I may give this a try. I actually have an old dish from a previous carrier attached to my hou

  • Johny

    Nice, Im going to try this out.

  • Bill

    I’d like to have one, but don’t have time to make it.
    Also, some of those parts seem to be NLA. Reach me at
    w-b-r-u-n-o at g-mail without the -‘s.