Servet Kocyigit’s “Blue side up”, I really like this sweeper on tracks – [via] Link.

  • ghb

    sometimes i wonder if these art ‘makes’ are actually found interesting by the posters or are they their buddies they are plugging.

  • snore

    what a worthless “make”

    it serves no purpose other then “art”

  • Mack

    Isn’t a broom meant to clean your floor look at the top picture, there is a grove cut out in the floor from the track of the brush… and what the hell happened to the ride on witch. now if it had the replica of the back to the future car (insert mad name of Belfast car here) and it appeared to hover now that would be ART..

  • pt

    a broom on tracks, c’mon that’s cool. and yes, this is in our “art” category.

  • msa

    and actually this was exhibited in Biennial Istanbul in (as I remember) 2005.

  • JavaMoose

    As art, looks pretty worthless to me. I think custom painted Roombas make more of a statement.

    However, it’s a good study on how to build a great flying camera rig for the low budget film makers out there. Need more detail on the track and the motorized mechanism!

  • keegan

    Marcel Duchamp once said “anything manmade is art.” I believe this to be a fabulous tip of the hat to the readymade, and a brilliant commentary on the give and take nature of our world.

  • pt

    art is what you can get away with – warhol

  • Drillbit

    Roomba anyone? Unless you just walk a small path every time. I think this would be better if say it was in a Daycare Center and put a camera or two on it. Have it tracking kids, or to have it setup to a private network for the parents to look in on.

  • EJ

    Heh, reminds me of the Jetsons.