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From the MAKE Flickr pool

Member Spikenzie etched his own 8×8 LED matrix PCB. He’s also posted helpful instructions and artwork used in his process –

The 8×8 LED matrix is a building block. There is no processor or circuitry other then then LEDs and the copper traces. It is simply an eight by eight 64-LED matrix on a PCB. The 8×8 has 16 pins on one edge, 8 connect to the rows and the other 8 to the columns. This allows the maker to use their preference of controlling circuitry.

The way a matrix works can be a bit mysterious at first. Of course building one yourself is the best way to learn – Link

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Auraelius documents his technique for mounting 10mm LEDs on a Modern Devices 8×8 matrix boardLink

HOW TO – LED Matrix – Link

Spark Fun’s Tri Color LED Matrix – Link

fc4zwp90xvex502sta.medium DIY LED matrices
HOW TO – Watch futurama on an 8×8 pixel screen – Link

From the Maker store:
9780979659812 3 DIY LED matrices
LED clock kit – Link

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