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This week, Joe Grand brings his expertise to Weekend Projects for the Awesome Electronics Workshop. You’ll learn how to use LCD and GPS modules and integrate them into your own projects! Both are simple modules that you can integrate into your own electronics projects!

Download the zip file with all the code you’ll need for the projects and check out the pdf to see the schematic!

Weekend Projects is sponsored by Microchip Technology. Check out their seminars and the Microchip Masters Conference

  • cheese1113

    Yet another hilarious and informative video! Keep up the great work guys, I love it!

  • delta7

    I need help on how to put the GPS together like they did in the podcast. I have no idea how they did it.

  • gunterhausfrau

    looks like the videos got scrambled, unless Joe has transmogrified into a cupcake and was eaten by Bre, so sad.

  • gunterhausfrau

    I’m having an issue as well. Apparently my GPS thinks I live at the stanford linear accelerator. I probably would have noticed, but I’m guessing that something is amiss.

    If I try the GPS only demo, it looks like I’m not gettting a signal, grr. Tried it outside, without any better luck.

    anyone else playing with this?

  • craig

    I’d like to play with this. Does anyone have the complete list of the parts for this project?
    Integrate LCD and GPS Modules Into Your Projects – Awesome Electronics Workshop PDFcast

  • hank

    Integrate LCD and GPS Modules are fantastic solution for every fresh gear lover. Both are simple modules that you can integrate into your own electronics at home.

  • Sayed Yaseen

    Seems that .zip and .pdf files are not longer available.
    I need them, any help?

  • godofal

    the links to those microchip sponsor wont work (anymore)