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makeaudio.gifHere’s the latest audio from MAKE Magazine! In this Make audio show- we interview Michael Gartenberg “live” at Apple’s WWDC. Michael is VP & Research Director at Jupiter and one of the best analyst in the biz- he shares his insights about Apple and Intel with us! Update: Audio and images of iTunes 4.9! Right click or Control + click to download this MP3 to you local system or add the MAKE Audio feed to your podcasting application or use our Odeo Channel and get the show automatically! Show notes after the jump…
Hosted by: Phillip Torrone, Associate Editor MAKE Magazine.
Show details: 14 minutes, 7MB, MP3.

Links and more from the show…

In this Make audio show- we interview Michael Gartenberg “live” at Apple’s WWDC. Michael is VP & Research Director at Jupiter and one of the best analyst in the biz- he shares his insights about Apple and Intel with us!

Michael Gartenberg.
Michael Gartenberg’s Blog.
Watch the Keynote here.
Universal Binary

Here are some shots of iTunes 4.9 and how it works with podcasting, looks really good. Here is audio from that portion of the keynote as well (MP3).









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The MAKE audio program was made on an iMac G5 with Skype, AudioHijack Pro, GarageBand and Audacity.

Phillip Torrone

Editor at large – Make magazine. Creative director – Adafruit Industries, contributing editor – Popular Science. Previously: Founded – Hack-a-Day, how-to editor – Engadget, Director of product development – Fallon Worldwide, Technology Director – Braincraft.



  1. Comic_Strip_Blogger says:

    Sorry but: quality of the other side was poor. If possible please try to convince your interlocutors to use Skype – on both sides. It is worth doing and I usually try to convince people to use Skype instead of phone calls if only it is possible – in my podcasts.

    I also don’t quite understood from talk: will it be possible to add any podcast feed to iTunes or not?

  2. philliptorrone says:

    it was a cell phone and the best we could do (better than not having live audio from the show!). as far as the podcasting feature in itunse 4.9 they didn’t show exactly how shows outside their podcast directory would be added- we’ll need to wait until there are more details, or when itunes 4.9 ships.

  3. Comic_Strip_Blogger says:

    ah, cell phone! When had audio interview for podcast with Robert Scoble, at first we used cell phone too and then switched to fixed line. So graduation of quality goes like this: cell phone (the worse), fixed line (mediocre), skype (the best). I agree though: better this than nothing.

    Regarding adding new podcasts to iTunes: I have heard that “add to iTunes” button will be possible to add to each website, but apart from that you’re right: we need to wait. I am launching my 2nd regular podcast, so post please something on your blog if you will find more about this topic! And thanx, pt!

  4. cyenobite says:

    Not sure where to post this exactly as it refers to all your podcasts…
    1) I’m loving the podcasts! interesting topics, and great interviews.
    2) My only “suggestion” would be some sort of line in balance? I generally download the podcasts, then burn them to a CD, so I can listen to the shows in my truck cd player. I’ve found the levels are all over the place which means I’m contastly adjusting the volume. The musical intros are the loudest, Phil’s voice is sometimes the next loudest, or sometimes it’s the interviewee. When I open a window and need to crank the volume it’s a struggle to get it just right. I’m going to try to use itunes to “equalize” the volume levels to see if that helps, but thought I’d mention it here too.
    Again, great shows! and I mean this only as constructive critisim.

  5. philliptorrone says:

    cyenobite- thanks, i’m working on the levels a bit, should get better in the next ones! thanks for the feedback!

  6. monkeybutler says:

    I thought it was already made clear by Adam Curry that the “pod” in “podcasting” didnt refer to ipods. It was supposed to be “point of delivery” or something like that. So when i heard them take claim for the word it annoyed me. Whats the truth?

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