Ty put the MAKE MP3 player he made in to a metal cigarette case… Nicely done!


  • Open Source MP3 Player Kit – Link
  • Get one from the MAKE store – Link

  • mastershake916

    Why oh why do you have those god-awful ipod earbuds?
    All that work to put it through those horrible little things.

  • tenax8

    1. My last set of (non-ipod) earbuds got mangled by some hungry bike spokes.

    2. People think I have an ipod… little do they know that I am much cooler than that, which needs to remain a secret for security reasons.

    3. My jackhammer headphones are awaiting their paint job… and it’s a long line.

    4. To frustrate you.

    5. To show scale in the photo.

    6. I am a college student and I hafta HAVE to conform to what everyone else has dangling from their ears oh god the pressure

    Oh… I thought my actions through, yes…

  • matthew_kleinmann

    For the life of me I can not understand why people buy these boards when you can get a 1GB MP3 player with or without an FM radio at Tiger Direct for $10 on sale. Even if you don’t send the rebate stuff back they wind up costing less.

    There is at least one site dedicated to the software of these guys. Has anybody done any cool hardware mods or repackaging on these? They are a much less expensive base to start with.

  • philliptorrone

    i think a lot of people seem to like building their own, you can be the cheapest or the best – i think we’re the best way to learn the specifics of how it works :)

  • dupreesdiamond

    where is the power supply for this guy? I have one on the way and I like the case but I don’t see the power supply…..

  • arvash

    Matthew, Firstly the audio quality of those 10$ little things are horrible augh.. and they only have 1 gb, the Make mp3 allows SD cards, or if you’re slick a HD. so it’s moddable expandable and well worth the money. Supposedly it’s also easy to make. I just ordered mine :D.

  • jack