Maker05TnToday’s Maker from our new book Makers – Matty Sallin, New York, New York. Bacon-cooking alarm clock. When Sallin first woke up to his Wake n’ Bacon alarm clock — constructed from a gutted Wal-Mart alarm clock, a PIC microcontroller, and two 100-watt halogen lamps — everything came back to him again. “My first thought was ‘Mom’s in the kitchen,’ soon followed by “The apartment’s on fire.” Makers: page 48. View photo! See previous Makers of the day here. View sample PDF. Click here to get Makers the book before the holidays!Maker04
Matty Sallin, New York, New York. Bacon-cooking alarm clock.

Meet The Makers…Now on the heels of MAKE’s wildly popular inaugural issues, O’Reilly introduces Makers, a beautiful hardbound book celebrating DIY inspiration and the people behind the projects. Makers introduces you to a brigade of citizen engineers making their own cameras, clocks, airplanes, submarines, musical instruments, weapons, medical equipment, energy- saving devices, robots, and houses. They create their own tools to explore the outer atmosphere, the deep sea, and the behavior of tiny flies in their backyard. Sample PDF. Click here to get Makers the book.

  • toadsoup


    This is really neat idea. but does the bacon stay cold and bacteria free during the night? It looks like it’s just sitting there rotting for hours before the bulb comes on.

  • helpme

    how do u make this

  • Think about it!!!

    Well that is correct that it might rot but you can preserve it with salt or any other things.