From the MAKE Flickr pool

There’s just something special about a matte black finish – Daniel put some pics of this professional-looking air cannon in the MAKE photo pool. Very nice work, looks like it could pack a major wallop! – Link


Dual-chambered air cannon – Link

From the pages of MAKE:


HOW TO – Boom Stick – This super loud boom stick is a PVC air cannon that delivers maximum bang for the buck. – MAKE:13, p.115 – Subscribers, read this article now in our digital edition

  • HauntMe

    This thing is pure overkill. It’s not loud at all, nothing like the DIY $20 air blasters on all the haunt sites

  • GreenHornet

    Yep, I agree. It’s also a very bad idea. PVC will shatter under pressure (can you say SHRAPNEL?) Should be made of ABS instead, at least it splits open when it breaks without blowing chunks