This instructable shows you how to combines an LCD photo frame, stereo photo viewer, and a little woodworking to create a “DigiStereopticon” viewer. Cool combo of old and new tech –

Stereoscopic photography has fallen out of favor. This is probably due to the fact that people don’t like having to wear special glasses to view family snapshots. Here is a fun little project you can make in less than a day to make your 3D pictures more enjoyable to view.

Warning: 3D pictures are ADDICTIVE. You will find yourself spending a lot more time appreciating the simplest snapshots. Next thing you know you’ll be browsing ebay for old stereoscopic equipment, blathering on at dinner parties about how much better 3D pictures are than “flat” photos, and spending your weekends making weird stuff to post on Instructables. Read this at your own peril.

The author recommends using a this “3D Lens in a Cap” for acquiring stereo images, but there are other options out there.
See the DigiStereopticon instructable for more info.



DIY $22 Stereo Digital Camera

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