Smart Drill4-1

This design concept for a power drill trainer attachment could be quite helpful those turned off by power tools.

People who aren’t familiar with power drills may now have a chance to give it a go, provided they’re not embarrassed to be seen using a training wheel-like device called the SmartGuide. The first common mistake newbies make is not enough pressure thus leaving the drill but to wander all over before hitting its mark. The SmartGuide makes use of two interset rings that collapse in on each other – keeping your drill bit straight and on the narrow.

I suppose the hair-dryer/secuirity-camera like casing just makes it all the more approachable?

  • Spock

    Paint it regulation Academy grey and it would pass for a phaser, circa 1312.4

    -Live long and prosper.

  • dan

    I see this more as a much better way to make very straight holes for those of us who don’t own a drill press, not just for beginners. I hope it goes to production!

  • pt

    cool project!

  • toaste

    This would be much more useful than for beginners.

    For starters, it would be as accurate as using a jig or drill stand for perpendicular holes, but is easily portable and doesn’t require any setup. Imagine being able to get drill press quality results with your typical cordless drill.

  • Collin Cunningham

    @ toaste, dan – similar to a plunge router attachment for dremel?