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Crafter Dolin O’Shea of Lulu Bliss shows us how to create an embroidery pattern from a photo, in this case a photo of her cute dog Mikey. Dolin’s 101 on Embroidery article is in the current issue of CRAFT:06.
Dolin and I have been friends for over 10 years now and she’s one of the craftiest people I know personally. Over the years she’s taught me so much about embroidery and also introduced me to the Sublime Stitching patterns by Jenny Hart back in 2000.
To get some carbon transfer paper when working with dark fabric as mentioned in the video, visit the Sublime Stitching store.
From the pages of CRAFT: 06:
101Embroidery Dolin
CRAFT: 06 – “101: Embroidery, Learn to paint pictures with floss and fabric“, pgs 132-137. You can preview the article in our Digital Edition.

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  • Cindy

    Thank you for this helpful video.

  • Maxine

    It is easier if you post your image here: The web site will make a coloring page from your image (black & white), then trace it onto your cloth by way or carbon paper. Carbon paper easily washes off your cloth when finished.