Nice music.

  • Anonymous


  • Sonic

    That was kinda sad. Also, I hope he didn’t try to lick the iron afterwards.

  • PattiS

    Incredibly insightful piece on how we all start our lives with a child-like optimism, but the heat and weight and winds of life eventually melt away our postive attitudes and social veneers, exposing the inner hollowness that is the human condition.

  • Falco

    way to ruin my easter candy…

  • JM


  • chilly

    eew, it looks sadistic!

  • hollyshort

    What was the music to this? It’s driving me insane, I can’t remember where I’ve heard it!

    Funny, in a kind of sadistic and morbid way.

  • Karen

    Mine always melted in the car while I was in church. :(

  • Rowan

    “Lullaby” by Nathan Larson and Nina Persson

  • Brandon

    uhm happy easter to you too?

  • TK

    Mr. Bunny should meet Mr. 42″ Fresnel Lens!

  • Tess

    Music is from Todd Solondz’s Palindromes