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  • ITrush

    Cool, I’d to have one please!


  • Tim

    I can’t believe nobody thought of something like this earlier – life sized mechano more or less.

    Though I can’t help but wonder about the legal issues around this when some kid makes a unicycle and tries to go down the steepest hill in town… I’d hate to see the company who makes this go under because of such a good idea.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody did think of this before. I don’t know about anybody else, but when I was a kid we had these toys called Omoggles (not sure about the spelling). They were basically these yellow plastic tubes in various shapes (looked like pasta really) that would join together with various joint units that were brightly colored. There were even panels you could snap into square sections as well as wheels and various other bits and peices.

    My brother and I used to make forts, cars you could ride in, motorcycles you could ride, guns, you name it with these things. I wish I could find them again. Sadly, we got rid of ours years ago.