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Amit Singh, the Google Mac Team hacker who taught us all how to use the Mac motion sensor as a human interface device and manipulate the keyboard backlight on the MacBook Pro, wrote a short program that demonstrates how to control the LEDs on your keyboard through a user space program:

If you have an irrepressible urge to turn these LEDs on or off through software, here is a program that shows you how. (Note that the program only manipulates the LEDs — it will not actually cause caps lock or num lock to be engaged.) The program also serves as an example of how to do user-space Human Interface Device (HID) programming through the I/O Kit.

I’m not sure what you could use this for, but that’s for you to sort out, right?

Manipulating keyboard LEDs through software
Reading and manipulating the keyboard backlight on the MacBook Pro
Hacking the sudden motion sensor

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