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Here at Make, we like projects that re-imagine old tech into new forms and constructions. Although the “Portable Cellular Phone Booth” project by Nick Rodriguez may seem completely insane to most people, it’s a pretty interesting take on the one problem that keeps coming up when you use your cell phone in public spaces…. Lack of privacy.

The video is pretty hilarious.

Portable Cellular Phone Booth



  1. asp55 says:

    Someone beat me to the actual construction of this!

    …came out better than mine would have though. Excellent work.

  2. asp55 says:

    And apparently he beat me to it by 6 years… so it predates my even thinking of it. Double dang!

  3. Tam Nguyen says:

    The fact that it folds like that makes it so awesome; though I wonder how much sound it truly blocks.

  4. pseudorant says:

    I got a good laugh out of that video. If only more people used these things maybe our going out in public would be more tolerable.