I am not really sure why the toilet should be connected to an Arduino, but apparently Mau has a legitimate reason. I like the mechanics of this project, and it just goes to show you that anything can be, and will be, computer controlled eventually. Thanks Mau!

Read more about the Arduino toilet [Google translation]

  • Capitan Obvious

    In a house with little kids, not letting them flush the toilet every single time one of them takes a pee would be a great water saver. Not to mention if they just flush it over and over and over and over… Or if they put toys in it. Or if your cat is obsessed with flushing it.

    Also, for parties where you want it to flush regularly… Or if you want to spritz a bit of air-freshener after the flush… Or if you want it to flush after every single use.

    So, yeah. I can see a lot of uses for this.

  • Anonymous

    How about a move towards world peace — a servo on the toilet seat to put it down and reduce the whining…

  • Mau

    Thanks Capitan Obvious, I have been taken note about your suggestions, I really want to improve this project.

    Thanks again.

  • Marc de Vinck


    I really like the project, and I think the idea of using it to conserve water would be a great idea.