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Ladyada’s just churning out the new kits these days; I’m not sure she’s human. The latest:

Adding quality audio to an electronic project is surprisingly difficult. Here is a shield for Arduinos that solves this problem. It can play up to 22KHz, 12bit uncompressed audio files of any length. It’s low cost, available as an easy-to-make kit. It has an onboard DAC, filter and op-amp for high quality output. Audio files are read off of an SD/MMC card, which are available at nearly any store. Volume can be controlled with the onboard thumbwheel potentiometer.

Here’s a video of the Wave Shield for Arduino in action:

Becky Stern

Becky Stern is head of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries. Her personal site:



  1. Bob Darlington says:

    What’s a “shield” ?

  2. says:

    A “shield” is just a printed circuit board that plugs into the standard Arduino board. All the pins are lined up so the shield can act as a daughtercard of the main card.

  3. says:

    It’s a small circuit board that attaches to an arduino to extend its functionality.

  4. Bob Darlington says:

    Ah, I understand. Thanks. I’m an old hat at microcontrollers and embedded systems, I just have no experience with this particular board. Sorry for my ignorance on this one.

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