The Midiator kit converts a Playstation 2 controller for MIDI use

  • Supports official PS2 controllers, cheap knockoffs and wireless controllers

  • Analog joysticks control pitch bend and several controllers (or whatever you want them to do)
  • Buttons either trigger notes or toggle controller signals
  • LCD and menu system for mode switching (controller vs. note triggering) and remapping the buttons. See the instructions below for more info, but you basically press
  • start, the button you want to remap, and then up/down arrows to remap.

  • Partially works with Guitar Hero controller… still working on this
  • 3 LEDs for feedback: power, sign of life, and/or whatever else you want.
  • Requires DC power supply 7-15 VDC, positive centered barrel plug.

Oddly enough it looks Curiousinventor.com is offering cash to those willing to expand the feature set via modification of the PIC code – Midiator PS2 to MIDI converter

  • steveburnett

    Very nice, considering ordering one. In the past I have used a SmartJoyPlus Playstation2 to USB adapter

    and the USB to MIDI app Junxion from STEIM

    to go from Playstation2 to MIDI.

    Although my solution required a computer running OS X for junxion, and a USB to MIDI outboard box. This standalone solution looks more compact and less risky on stage.

  • Collin Cunningham

    actually I did the very same would’ve loved to have an option like this back then

  • steveburnett

    Same here, Colin, having this then would have been very helpful to me.