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Brothers Kevin and Daryl Maas of Washington State are producing electricity from cow manure.

We use a proven, commercialized technology called a manure digester to harvest methane gas from manure. We burn the methane to create electricity, while sending the processed manure back to the farmers as an organic fertilizer now free of pathogens and odor.

What a great source of energy – as long as people want to drink milk and eat hamburgers, there will be cows. And poo. Puget Sound Energy will be buying electricity from their company, Farm Power Northwest.

4 Responses to The power of poo

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  1. Tam Nguyen on said:

    My grandfather did this about 30 or 40 years ago in the Philippines. He collected his methane under the house, but he wasn’t able to finish his experiment cause the neighbors complained of the smell.

  2. dafoink on said:

    Tina Turner already did this in 1985 but with pig poo:

  3. Peter McKellar on said:

    Are there any links to some instructables, suppliers etc?

  4. Peter McKellar on said:

    Please ignore previous comment. Farm Power is the link (I first read it as the power BUYER).

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