A creative enclosure for an atari punk console, exudes the healing powers of stepped tone generation –

I found this pill capsule because someone in my house needs horse pills, evidently. I basically drilled the holes, used Epoxy to secure the battery holder to the speaker, and crammed everything in there. I love one night projects.

Aah yes – the sweet satisfaction of starting and finishing a project in one work session, nicely done. WARNING: not recommended for headache relief – Atari Punk Capsule

Ataritube Crop
Atari tube

  • Jeff

    How do I make one of these?

  • Collin Cunningham

    There’s a pcb for the circuit on the Worth Ekik site –


    and a schematic here –


    Actually, I made the “Related” atari tube so feel free to ask questions if you’re stuck.

  • Mariah Carey Touch My Body

    i would also like to know how to make on of this

  • Jules Coco

    For nearly 3 years, I have futilely been trying to get my neighbor to stop their 8 dogs from balking incessantly. I have purchased these supposed Stop Bark devices that are supposed to “hear” the barking and then emit a frequency that “bothers” the dogs. Eventually — they figure it out and stop their barking unless they enjoy the aggravation of the high frequency. These commercial devices DON’t WORK. And the dogs’ owners don’t care. I have had enough.

    Any suggestions? Is there an “dog aggravation device” that I could trigger when these dogs bark?

    Although know very little about electronics — I can follow instructions if commercial devices are not available, but someone on here knows how to put one together.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Equally Annoyed

    I’m in the same situation and the commercial “Bark Stop” type devices are just not enough. So I’m turning to my friends at MAKE for a POWERFUL (but humane) solution. HELP! (YHELP!)