Apartment Therapy LA
posted about SleepyHappy’s inspiring wall garden, made from spray-painted repurposed tin cans. As she notes in her photostream:

Pizza restaurants go through dozens of these cans every week, just ask.
Painted with rust paint these looked pretty good for two years, the third year I did touch ups on the rust that was showing.
Kinda toxic process – not recommended for edibles, but oh so gorgeous for flowers. Rust paint comes in a dozen colours these days!

Jenny Ryan

Jenny Ryan

Jenny Ryan is an artist, crafter, and maker of things. She lives in Los Angeles with a pack of various animals (including her husband) and writes about her adventures in creating at Exit Through the Thrift Shop.

  • Kim

    How did you do this?
    BTW, it looks absolutely gorgeous!!
    Kind regards,

  • Mona

    Nice i am saving cans right now

  • Erin

    By rust paint, do you mean rustoleum? Or will any spraypaint do?

  • Bianca

    Nice i am olso saving cans right now!

  • Jenny

    I absolutely LOVE this! How did you attach them to the brick wall?