Here’s a an easy to make, dollar store DIY spy microphone that lets you listen from afar and bring the sounds up close. Thanks go to Jim Lee for the original article in Make Magazine.

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Check out the Parabolic Microphone article MAKE 14 “Parabolic Microphone” & You can see that in our digital edition.

  • ohh yeah

    kip kay rocks

  • William

    Any recommendations for player-recorders like the one in the video? I can find cheap ones that record voice (which I presume means highly compressed) or line in, but I haven’t seen one that takes microphones.

  • Gear head

    I’ve used Sony MiniDisc recorders almost exclusively for field recordings and then if your going to edit the files using a computer I would recommend Audacity (it’s free) MD recorders work really well and you can get used ones fairly cheaply now. If you’re willing to throw a few bucks into the project you could get a Belkin ‘Tune Talk Stereo’ which is an add-on for a 4G 5G iPod, it lets you record directly to the iPod (22 and 44kHz sample rates) it has a mic input with auto gain control.

    I really enjoyed this project btw and I’d never thought to use a collapsible reflector. All my home-brew dishes were made out of old mixing bowls and stuff scrounged from the kitchen. Thanks.

  • Johny Curious

    What model mp3 player kip uses in this video??


  • KipKay

    The mp3 player is an IRiver IFP-795.