• ohh yeah

    kip kay rocks

  • William

    Any recommendations for player-recorders like the one in the video? I can find cheap ones that record voice (which I presume means highly compressed) or line in, but I haven’t seen one that takes microphones.

  • Gear head

    I’ve used Sony MiniDisc recorders almost exclusively for field recordings and then if your going to edit the files using a computer I would recommend Audacity (it’s free) MD recorders work really well and you can get used ones fairly cheaply now. If you’re willing to throw a few bucks into the project you could get a Belkin ‘Tune Talk Stereo’ which is an add-on for a 4G 5G iPod, it lets you record directly to the iPod (22 and 44kHz sample rates) it has a mic input with auto gain control.

    I really enjoyed this project btw and I’d never thought to use a collapsible reflector. All my home-brew dishes were made out of old mixing bowls and stuff scrounged from the kitchen. Thanks.

  • Johny Curious

    What model mp3 player kip uses in this video??


  • KipKay

    The mp3 player is an IRiver IFP-795.