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CHDK, or Canon Hacker’s Development Kit is an awesome thing. It allows Canon digital point-and-shoot owners access to a bunch of great ‘high-end’ features like raw capture, exposure bracketing, and even enabling you to run custom scripts. The software doesn’t make any permanent changes to your camera so there’s no risk of hardware ‘brickification’. Hack a Day posted a detailed how-to on the subject

As anyone who has lusted over the technical specifications for Canon’s new Digital Rebel XSi knows, the capabilities of the average point and shoot camera are severely limited. Using the CHDK firmware hack, the features of Canon point and shoot cameras can be significantly expanded, allowing for ultra-high speed photography, very long exposures, time lapse photography, and RAW capture. This How-To provides a guide to our experiences using the CHDK firmware, and shows just how easy it is to get more out of a point and shoot than ever thought possible.

Hit up the site for all the details – How-To: Expand your camera with CHDK

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HOW TO – Give your low-end Canon digital camera RAW support

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