Lovely plate lamps – fun to look at and for a re-make, there are lots of ways to drill a hole in plates, which do you think is the best way? Besides forming them that way from the start :) … via NOTCOT.

  • Dave_Bell

    I’d recommend the old trick of chucking up a piece of brass tubing in a drill (preferably a drill press). Build a little dam of modeling clay slightly larger than the hole, and pour in a slurry of water and abrasive. Valve grinding compound works well.
    Work slowly, applying gentle pressure, and it will bore a hole barely larger than the tubing you used.

  • Anonymous

    What’s the best way to find the exact center? I usually try to spin a disc on the point of a nail.

  • Jim

    If you’ve got a lot of holes to do I’d recommend a carbide hole saw. I bought one recently for cutting ceramic tiles and it was about $8. I imagine you’d get maybe 30-40 holes out of it if you were careful