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With a few empty soda bottles and some PVC pipe, you can build a high-performance water rocket. From Make Volume 5 by Steve Lodefink. The basis for this project’s launcher design is the Martinet Launcher PDF



  1. Kevin Wixson says:

    I had better luck with the launcher and the launch, but still haven’t gotten a good parachute recovery. I don’t think NOAA (Nose Off At Appogee) is a reliable method at all.

    Tips for making the launcher work:

    1. use wire for at least one of the stay lines, as the tension on the release dongle usually pulls the launcher over otherwise.

    2. bevel the nozzle a bit so it slides easily over the launch tube and o-ring. My dad though of using a broadhead arrow tip on a drill to bore out the bevel. It worked well.

    3. coat the inside of the nozzle with petroleum jelly — helps seal the nozzle against the o-ring, even under high pressure.

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