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67873 Commodore 64 LAN party
Hah! This is awesome, Slashdot has a quick blurb on the the first Commodore 64 LAN party!

The world’s first Commodore 64 LAN party was held at the Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club 2008 Expo last weekend, where the new multiplayer C64 game NetRacer was unveiled. The setup consists of up to eight Commodore 64s with Ethernet cartridges and a central server written in Java running on a PC. The game is also playable over the Internet.

 Wpcli 20070428
C64 wordpress theme.

 Shredz64 20080327
Shredz64: Guitar Hero for C64.

  Projects C64Key C64Kbd
C64 USB keyboard.

 11 12805324 516Ab5C3Df
Adding Ports and Power to the C64 DTV.

 Xe1541 20080420
64HDD – PC hard drive for your Commodore 64.

Make Pt0795
From the pages of MAKE:
Hacking the C64 DTV.
Make – Volume 02 – DIY (Page 152).

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