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Some nice iPhone charge up hacking

  • man

    i need this charger urgently…….what should i do


  • Ben White

    I want to know how to get hold of that charger app!

  • samurai1200

    this is just voltage division, no? what happens when the iphone stops accepting current? resistors melt?

  • xun

    Thanks! I just modified my 3600mAh USB UPS battery charger to make it work with my iphone 3g, and it’s working great!

  • PsRon

    It doesn’t take 4 resistors to make a 2-tap voltage divider.

    3 resistors in series, from +5 to Ground:
    +5 to “D-” = 47k
    “D-” to “D+” = 10k
    “D+” to Ground = 39k

    I found that my USB charger actually put out 5.25V (not exactly 5.0V) – but it worked anyway… I got 2.7V and 2.2V measured on my unit, and it went into charge mode fine.

    With 5.0V, these values calculate to give 2.44V and 2.03V output. I imagine many of these chargers are in reality a little over 5.0 V output anyway.

    YMMV :-)