Nice video from Neil Fraser that uses domino to simulate logic gates (OR, AND and XOR gates out of dominoes, replacement for TTL and CMOS.)

  • Brendan Orr

    That is an extremely clever way of describing logic gates. Especially for visual learners like myself, this sinks in better than dry theory.

  • meh

    I see the demonstration of simple logic gates, but please explain where the video addresses the differences between CMOS and TTL. Perhaps I’m just not seeing it clearly.

  • pabarriu

    JAJAJAJA…I wonder how much noise an INTEL 8080 made of these would make….oh…BTW…does it come in dual core?


  • anachrocomputer

    This reminds me of the “logic goats” that were posted on the Make Blog in 2007:

  • Ben Thalheim

    I Was Curious How He Was Gonna Manage XOR … Very Well Done