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If you are unlucky enough to have rolled over in your kayak like I have, then you will really appreciate this project. The goal was to install a bilge pump that was operated by you feet. This allows you hands to be free for paddling and stabilizing your boat. It’s a well thought out build that would make a nice addition to any sea kayak.

Learn how to make you own Kayak bilge pump.

  • Anonymous

    Now you need a nozzle on the outlet so you can use it as a water cannon too!!

  • Andrew

    Isnt a spray skirt supposed to keep water intrusion to a minimum?

    • Marc de Vinck


      Spray skirts are mostly used on white water kayaks, not lake kayaks. I rarely used mine because it traps in a lot of heat and makes it really uncomfortable. However, they are great when it rains or is cold!

  • Julia Allan

    I came
    accross a very interesting website with more info on this product: http://www.nauticexpo.com/boat-manufacturer/bilge-pump-2057.html