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An Arduino, model bulldozer, servos, and sensors can be hacked together to make a sub-$100 robotics platform, appropriately named Ard-e.


While certainly nowhere near as fancy as this Wall-E replica, the price is right and the Arduino’s got a huge body of pre-existing code for working with sensors that the aspiring roboticist can build upon. I’d particularly like to see a trash-compacting version…

Full disclosure: imadami is the maker of this project and also my youngest brother. And no, I don’t want to hear about how much cooler this project is than my own!:)



  1. says:

    Great minds think alike… I’ve been building almost the exact same robot for the past 2 weeks as a way to learn electrical engineering / Arduino. I’ll send it in when I’m done.

    Seeing this setup makes me realize that I have the tank treads set up wrong… Center of gravity will become an issue as I build it up.

    Great work! You beat me to it!

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