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Make your own backyard biodiesel. It’s easy to make a small batch that will work in any diesel engine. You won’t need any special equipment–an old juice bottle will serve as the “reactor” vessel–and on such a small scale, you can quickly refine your technique and perform further experiments.>br>
Thanks go to Rob Elam for the original article in Make Volume 3
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8 Responses to Weekend Project: Making Biodiesel (PDF)

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  1. Jan Kees on said:

    the PDF does not seem to work?

  2. Anonymous on said:

    PDF is 404

  3. I love it when people scan articles into images and then paste the image into PDF. Can we have something readable?

  4. The project sure has lots of potential… however, the PDF is almost unreadable. Can you post it on a somewhat better quality? Thanks.

  5. Anonymous on said:

    PDF is really terrible quality.
    Can you fix?

  6. Obed Badillo on said:

    Hi, umm i added the distiled water and everythung became white i didnt shake it or notin’

  7. Anonymous on said:


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