This AC motor is really easy to build and the supplies are readily available. All you need are some magnets, wire, and rigid foam. Just be careful when working with AC power!

This project started one night while I was lying in bed trying to visualize how an AC motor worked. I knew that it was different from a DC motor as in it did not require brushes and the speed was controlled by frequency instead of voltage. After some research I came up with this project to better my understanding of AC motors.

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  • piyush

    teri maa ki chut gaandu asli project to btata

  • thrivendra

    I am intrest to do the project for aircooler where did I wil get clear information..


    madharchod gare chod lenge

  • Himanshu $harma

    i want to make a air conditioner not ac motor. please suggest me another site.thnx

  • wha the parts normally that i can use to make ac generator

    its quety good idia to make ac generator

  • Adpower AE

    Excellent Post About Emergency MELTDOWN Generators Shutdown and Ac generator parts.