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Join weaver Travis Meinolf of as he shows you how to make a loom from paper index cards as well as the basics of weaving 101 in this CRAFT Video Podcast. Travis is featured in the current Weaving issue of CRAFT: 08.
Use this template on his site to trace onto your paper index card.

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  • dominique

    thanks for posting this talented artist! this tutorial has truely inspired me. (from Argentina)

  • Travis

    I just wanted to make sure that people trace this thing GENTLY, like using a soft-lead pencil with light pressure, or a felt-tip pen. With an LCD screen you will not want to press a ball-point pen hard onto the screen it could damage it. Thanks!

  • Lorraine

    Thank you for the nice tutorial,,,,(from Canada)

  • gerri

    The simplest demo of rigid heddle, backstrap weaving I have seen.

  • Dolly

    Recently I bought an EZ Weavy Tote Bag kit from ALEX Toys.
    I love the material it is made from. It straps or strips are almost like Palett Strapping, but they came in wonderful bright colors and were less plastic and more paper. Does anyone know what this material is ? I have been all over the Internet without any lunck at all